…receive e-mail alerts?

The Library has made the decision to save money and go green. We no longer send paper overdue notices via the mail and are saving staff time by reducing the number of phone calls made for items on hold. We are doing this by sending email notices instead. If you are not an email user there are a few other options for keeping track of the items you have checked out.

  1. Keep your receipt – due dates for each item are listed on your check-out receipt.
  2. Check your account via the library’s webpage – log in above by clicking on the “My Account” button and check what you have out.
  3. Plan a regular visit to the library – our shortest checkout period is one week, if we are part of your weekly routine you won’t have to worry about due dates!

Please bear in mind reminder notices are a courtesy we provide. It may be that an overdue notice is not received due to a number of reasons, including technical issues, this does not excuse a fine for overdue items. All items checked out have a due date, it is the patron’s responsibility to return items on time if he or she wishes to avoid fines.

To receive e-mail alerts…

Do we have your email account?

The Library has been putting our patron’s email accounts into library records. Our computer system that keeps track of what you have checked out can now do the following:

  • Send an email notice when you have an item on the Hold Shelf.
  • Send an email notice when you have items that will be due in a few days.
  • Send an email notice for items that are overdue or so long overdue that the system is charging the price of the item.

Using the email alert system is a huge savings of money in the form of paper, envelopes, stamps and staff time. Using our limited library budget to be buying materials you want instead of sending overdues seems a goal we can all agree on. Please let us know if we don’t have your email account and we will get you added into the system. Thanks!!