Leap In & Learn Day


Saturday, February 29, 1:00 pm—4:30 pm

Join us as we take advantage of an extra day on the calendar to try some new things!  We will be having a how-to festival taking place in 3 different rooms!  In every time slot, a choice of 3 different programs!  Stay in one room all day, or go back and forth as to what pleases you.


Schedule of Events

chbMAKERS, 2nd floor  Catherine Findorak and Terry Tortora

1:00—1:30  How to 3D Print  Come see our new 3D printer in action, learn about how to find files to print online, and websites to visit to design your own files

1:45—2:15 Preserving Your Memories  Do you have VHS tapes, records, or other media you want to convert?  Learn what we have available for your use in the chbMAKERS area.

2:30—3:00 No Crickets with the Cricut!  Learn how to make amazing designs on our Cricut machine, the kinds of gifts that will make people light up, not go…uh, thanks!

3:15—3:45  Make a Light up Paper Card  Speaking of light up, learn how to use copper tape to make a simple circuit on a card that lights up!

4:00—4:30  Make Stickers, Magnets, and Buttons Learn how to promote your cause or make your own decorative stickers, magnets, or buttons in the Makers’ Corner!


Gathering Room, 2nd floor

1:00—1:30   Elevator Pitch with John Barry, ITech Consulting Partners 

It’s essential, whether job hunting, interviewing at colleges, or just being in a new situation, to have a coherent & positive message about yourself.  Come learn how from an expert!

1:45—2:15  Creating Secure Passwords with Olivia Scully, IT Librarian, C.H. Booth Library

Having a strong, secure password is essential to protecting your personal data, but here’s a secret: creating them can be easy and fun, and the payoff is huge. Come find out how!

2:30—3:00  Digital Painting on iPad with Olivia Scully, IT Librarian, C.H. Booth Library  

Think the creative arts aren’t for you? Think again: no mess, no cleanup, and infinite possibilities exist when you’re painting with pixels! Come play with our iPads and see for yourself!

3:15—3:45 pm   The Gift of Words with Sharon Cohen and Bob Schmidt

When taking time to find words that carry the meaning and feelings we wish to convey, they can become worthy gifts.  Participants will learn creative ways to deliver the gifts of words that enrich and improve relationships with family and friends and help build self-esteem and positive feelings.

4:00—4:30 pm   Introduction to Meditation with Prabha Makayee

End the day with popular local instructor Prabha as she shows you an easy way to add meditation to your life.



Antiques & Collectibles Room, 3rd Floor

Join experienced members of the CT Woolcrafters as they demonstrate and teach various skills, such as making PomPom pals, 2D needle felting, crochet, and knitting.

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