Newtown Together

By applying an intentional focus on rebuilding social bonds, the library has the ability to help heal a fractured community.

Strong social cohesion is a crucial factor in a community’s resilience in times of stress and disruption. Unfortunately, studies show that American communities are experiencing a steady erosion of social cohesion, pointing to an increase in loneliness, depression, and separation because of too much time spent online and too little time spent in community.

We see it happening in Newtown. We want it to stop as much as you do.

The C. H. Booth Library has the ability to rebuild social bonds and offer that sense of community and shared place that humans crave.

Active learning programs that bring people together for participatory, shared experiences are a boost to community strength, but they can go even further in amplifying social connection and building social infrastructure.

Join us as we explore topics through a lens of social possibilities and devise strategies to be more intentional about forging stronger community bonds.